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Jan 2022 - New year, new paper! Congratulations to Deepika, Koto (her first paper!) and our collaborators in the Hutchins and Yan groups on their publication in ACS E&T Water!

Dec 2021 - Michael publishes a Pioneers and Influencers article on his PhD advisor Professor Alan H. Cowley (link)

Dec 2021 - Our first UC Merced proposal is funded! The UC Office of the President selected our LFRP on conversion of captured CO2 to chemicals and fuels for funding. This is a team proposal lead by Louise Berben at UC Davis and includes researchers at other UCs (UCLA, UCI, UCSB) and national labs (LBNL, LLNL) - we're excited to get started!

Nov 2021 - We welcome our new postdoctoral researcher Dr. Miguel Chacon-Teran, welcome!!

July 2021 - The Findlater group has moved! Michael has accepted a position at UC Merced with promotion to Full Professor. We are very excited to move to California and help to build the newest UC to greater heights!

Jun 2021 - Deepika successfully defends her dissertation, congratulations Dr. Bedii! We are so proud of you.

May 2021 - Sheng's paper on regiodivergent olefin hydrosilylation chemistry is published in Organic Chemistry Frontiers! Another great collaboration with Guigen Li's group!

Apr 2021 - Adineh's paper on hydroboration of imines and nitriles catalyzed by iron complexes has been accepted for publication in RSC Advances - congratulations Adineh!

Mar 2021 - As promised, another manuscript of Sheng's accepted for publication. This time a review article on cobalt-catalyzed olefin isomerization chemistry appearing in Synthesis (psst... there may be more Sheng paper related news soon!)

Jan 2021 - We welcome Andrew (Andy) King to the group as a postdoctoral researcher! Andy completed his PhD with Ruth Webster's group in the UK and we couldn't be happier to have him join our research lab!

Dec 2020 - Another paper from Sheng... this time in Angewandte Chemie and dealing with the electrochemistry of C-C bond formation. Look out for more papers soon from our dynamic former postdoc!

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